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For me, a big part of interior design means incorporating and bringing together skilled artisans who share my vision to create unique spaces for clients. After 10 years on Maui, I’ve been fortunate to have connected to some outstanding artists. Maui has more local artists per capita than does Oahu – even though Oahu has ten times the population of Maui. Artists are drawn to and inspired by Maui to create, to produce, to work. And thus I have a deep resevoir of talent from which to choose.

And so when a client told me they’d dreamed of having a mini-library in their entry, but had no idea how to make it happen or what it should look like, I called on one of my favorite carpenters, Radd. Together Radd and I created a subtle yet striking new entry into this stately home.  He hand-crafted slabs of koa, each meticulously cut and formed. Koa is Hawaii’s indigenous tree, a gorgeous often two-toned wood.  For hundreds of years only Hawaiian Royalty was allowed to use koa in the building of canoes, homes, paddles, etc. Its rarity even today makes it quite expensive.

This first picture is the entry Before:

Each shelf was created and finished in the organically raw-edge style, allowing them to ooze with character in a jaw-dropping fashion. Here the shelves are being created in the shop:

The Afters: Note the backing on the walls is koa veneer;  all items on the shelves are from local Maui artists.

My clients’ reaction? (and I quote) …“It’s absolutely fabulously incredible! Are you sure this is our house?”

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