Ka’anapali Beach House

Posted By Tim on Jul 19, 2016 |

One day I received a call asking if I could help make a huge rental home on Maui’s West Side into a presentable home for – the Saudi Royal Family.  Apparently the family had seen it online, and reserved it because it had 9 bedrooms – plenty for kids and the staff, and was right on the beach – perfect for a week’s vacation.  But when their Advance Team landed a few days before the family, and saw the plain-jane condition of the house, they knew they needed to do something – and quick.  Accepting the challenge, I dove head-first into designer-hyper-drive by bringing in nearly $100,000 of borrowed art from galleries, by having several rooms repainted, by rehanging all the walls, re-arranging the furniture that was good, sending to storage the furniture that would not be acceptable, buying all new linens, & ordering fresh tropical flower arrangements for every room.  In the end the house was completely transformed to reflect a sophisticated tropical atmosphere.


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